Reviews & Awards

G-SALE was recognized at over a dozen film festivals worldwide and won numerous awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best of the Fest, and Best Undistributed Film. Here are just some of the reviews of the film:

Clever! Top 20!
“Who ever thought a film about garage sales would be funny? Following a group of garage sale junkies converging on a plush ‘g-sale,’ the film is a mockumentary that is so clever it would make Christopher Guest take notice.”

—Entertainment Weekly

“This quirky mockumentary follows five thrift-store habitues squabbling over an antique board game.”

Plenty of Gentle Humor! Perfectly Guest-worthy!
—Seattle Times
“Comedy in the ‘burbs! A gleeful mockumentary about the garage-sale culture of fictitious Bogwood, Wash., made in the style of Christopher Guest’s films.”

Silly Fun!
—Sarasota Herald-Tribune
“In an era when vintage, consignment, and thrift shops are the trend du jour, Randy Nargi’s offbeat mockumentary offers an entertaining look at the subculture where one person’s junk is another ‘s treasure.”

Written Very Smartly!
—Richard T. Jameson, former editor Film Comment
“G-SALE embarks on its mission with such persuasive, PBS-documentary artlessness, it’s a shame to tip you off beforehand that the movie isn’t a documentary at all. Like a spinoff of “Antiques Roadshow,” the film leads us gently up a cozy American byway into the world of garage sales and the habitues who live for, in and by them… Deftly as the cast embodies its specific and collective daftness, the film was written, very smartly, by Randy Nargi, who also directed.”

Where Garage Sales Are Almost a Religion!
—Florida Times-Union

“Are you still chuckling over A Mighty Wind? Have you memorized huge chunks of Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman? Then check out G-SALE, Randy Nargi’s spoof documentary about the residents of a Pacific Northwest town called Bogwood, where garage sales are almost a religion.”